Aider: on-demand at-home care booking app

In short

I played a pivotal role in bringing the founder's vision to life by providing UX design expertise to develop the app concept, taking it from an idea to a tangible product.




Product design
UX/UI Design

Understanding the business vision and user needs

Aider is an on-demand at-home care booking platform providing support to those who need it, from those who are experts, booked by those who cannot provide it. The goal of this project was to help to bring the founder's vision of Aider to fruition by transforming the initial idea into a tangible, user-friendly app concept.

Coming to life

Based on the research, I developed wireframes to plan out the app's interface and user flow. These wireframes were then iteratively reviewed and refined with the stakeholders to ensure they aligned with the app's vision and goals.

Brand identity

In addition to the app design, I also developed a distinctive brand identity that effectively captured the essence of the app's vision and mission.

UI design

During the UI design phase, I leveraged the brand identity and wireframes to create a visually appealing and intuitive interface, focusing on the user experience and ensuring consistency across all screens.

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