Shared Affairs: Legacy paperworks made simple

In short

I was responsible for developing a user experience strategy and digital experience after their first MVP launch.


Shared Affairs


UX audit
Information Architecture
Visual design
Design system
Remote testing

Discovery phase

Audit: the web app appears to be overly complex

The web app appears to be overly complex for users to navigate and appears to be outdated. There is a clear need for a redesign of the app's Information Architecture to simplify and streamline the user experience.

Looking at competitors

After conducting a thorough analysis of the market, I have discovered that there are several competitors in the space such as Beyond and Farewill. These companies seem to be offering similar services to Shared Affairs, and have established a strong presence in the industry. By offering a user-friendly and streamlined service, they are removing barriers that may have previously prevented many people from creating a will.

Analysis of research and creation of persona

I gathered all the pain points of current users and created a persona: Molly. Creating persona helps to identify and understand the specific needs, goals, and behaviours of the target audience.

Molly, an entrepreneur and mother of 3, needs a secure and easy way to share her will and other important documents.

Persona Molly

Information Architecture (IA) review

I have reviewed the IA of Shared Affairs product and found that it needs an overhaul to improve the user experience. The current layout is confusing and not intuitive, and a redesign that streamlines the navigation and organises the content in a logical manner would greatly enhance the user experience.

Design phase

Based on the research, I created wireframes to map out the new website's layout and navigation. These wireframes were then reviewed and refined with the company's stakeholders to ensure they aligned with the company's goals and objectives.

With the wireframes as a guide, I got to work on the design of the web app.

I kept the design clean and modern with a focus on making it easy for users to navigate and find the information they need.

I also incorporated the company's branding to give the web app a cohesive look and feel.

Laying the foundation of a design system

A design system was important to establish a consistent visual language, help to improve efficiency, and promote scalability and maintainability of product.


"Having handled several people's estates, I know what a mess it can be and having access to this would have made things much easier!"

"I would love to use a website like that as I have nothing saved or shared in case of emergency."
Heatmap of a remote test

The end result was a web app that was easy to navigate and provided a great user experience. The web app received positive feedback from users and the company saw an increase in user engagement and conversions.

The client decided to create a second product specifically for lawyers. This new product will enable the client to sell the platform to their own clients. They ask me to help them again with the new project.

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