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I owned two interactive documentary projects, known as “El Helicoide” and "Explore the IS tunnels”. Responsible for designing a user-centred experience for both desktop and mobile, while maintaining alignment with the BBC News brand guidelines.


BBC News


User Testing
UI Design

Defining pain points with analysis and user testing

I conducted eight tests on two existing 360-degree experiences. I had a range of users from different nationalities, between the age of 24-45. Four users tested on desktop, while the others tested on mobile.

"Oh, this is too much. I want to stop.” Ligia, 35, from Brasil

"I don’t understand how to use it." Enric, 27, from Uruguay

We found out a lot of people weren't that familiar with VR/360 experiences, especially on their phones. They also weren't reading the tooltips and didn't know how to navigate.

Defining the navigation in a 360 environment

I designed a menu, navigation tool, and introduction to improve the user's interactions with the product. In order to keep users engaged while 360-scenes loaded on slower internet connections, I implemented an entertaining animation to keep them occupied.

Adapting the experience to another documentary:
designing for
 right-to-left language

For “Explore the IS tunnels”, we had the additional challenge of adapting the interface for the Arabic market.We didn't need a menu as the story was less complex and without different branches. Instead, we focused users going directly through the tunnel. I added a map to help the user understand how the tunnel was built.


"El Helicoide" was viewed more than two million times within its first week of publication. It was shared widely, notably by the British Foreign Secretary, the Secretary General of the OAS and the former Colombian President.

2019 Nominee Webby Awards: Best Individual Editorial Feature
Human Rights award (digital) and Silver award in the innovative format category at Malofiej

"Explore the IS tunnels" was also a success.
2019 Nominee Webby Awards VR: Cinematic or Pre-Rendered
Malofiej Infographic World Summit: Bronze award in the innovative format category

See the projects live here:
ISIS Tunnels

El Helicoide

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