1-week sprint: user research and recommendations for an early stage startup

In short

I led user testings at Tangent, delving deep for insights. From this, I crafted a detailed report with action plans, all in 1 week.




User research

User testing


UI design

The challenge

Tangent connects talent from lower socioeconomic backgrounds with employees in tech companies for referrals. They're serious about social mobility and are on a mission to create a world where the social contexts you're born into does not limit your career and wealth potential.

I had the privilege of assisting them in collecting user feedback and providing recommendations to enhance their product.


To obtain comprehensive user feedback on the Tangent web app low-def prototype.

To assess whether users can navigate the platform effortlessly and comprehend the layout and content.

I crafted testing scripts, refined their wireframes, and made their prototypes ready for interviews.

I tackled two distinct journeys: one with Ini, a jobseeker eager to join Tangent for mentorship and job referrals, and the other with Susan, an employee keen on becoming a mentor and referring junior talents to her company.

2 journeys to test: talent and employee

The result

x9 user interviews recordings with transcript
25-pages report
Actionable design recommendations

I created an in-depth report with recommendations ready to be implemented. Additionally, I implemented UI recommendations to improve the sign-up journey and homepage, making the user experience smoother and more engaging.

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