Auction platform

Muni is an auction platform where people join together to raise much-needed funds, in the fight against COVID-19. Followers can either place bids or enter tombolas to help raise much-needed funds for munificent causes.


User Interviews, Participatory Design, Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping, Branding, Naming


UI Designer


April 2020 – Ongoing


Julia, a professional working from home, needs a way to connect with people she admires, so that her day can be brightened up in lockdown.

How might we make auctions and raising money a more engaging experience?

1/ Research and discovery


Wanting to help others during these unprecedented times, I was looking for a project that would be meaningful to others. I teamed up with a developer and two product managers to build Muni.

User interview

I conducted 7 interviews to get more information on our users and validate our assumptions. I also carried out usability testings with an indirect competitor.

How do people feel about talk with someone they admire?
Will they give money for it?
How did the lockdown affect their life?

The results were encouraging. The testers liked the concept.

"It's nice and quite cool" Erina, 27 years-old.

2/ Product and 
design decisions

Information Architecture (IA) and hi-fi wireframes

I created the information architecture of the platform. For the MVP version, it will be a webapp. I organised, structured, and labelled content in an effective and sustainable way. The goal was to help users find information and complete tasks.

Sitemap Muni

3/ Refining


Muni. for munificence:
The quality or action of being extremely generous.


The name Muni was really nice to work with. From our discussion and research, it flowed naturally to use a sans-serif font (Montserrat). It brought warmth to the brand. We also wanted Muni to be elegant that's why I picked a dark blue navy. The dot finished the logo with a touch of yellow. It symbolises the coin you give away to charities or the sun rising and bringing hope.

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